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Our Quality Sets Us Apart

The Reality Roasters Difference

The Roaster

We roast all of our beans on a vintage Probat L12 roaster, which has been upgraded with Profile Plus software from Roaster's Dynamics. This winning combination ensures we have the highest quality coffee roasts and the safest, most consistent and efficient roasting processes possible.

The Degree of the Roast

Here is a great summary explaining the different degrees of roast. Reality Roasters carefully roasts each bean to bring out the special characteristics identified with the special elements associated with each flavor profile. Use this chart to cross reference each of our roasts. Most all of our roasts are done in the City to French Roasts, with a number in the Full City class. Use this great section to determine which roast is for you!

1. City (also known as Cinnamon, or Light Roast): Light brown and dry surface; a bright, acidic, toasted grain taste.

2. City + (also known as Medium Roast): Milk chocolate brown with a dry surface; acidic and bright but lacks the grain taste.

3. Full City: Darker brown with a satin appearance; slight bittersweet tang with less acidity. Look for the +++ for varying degrees of darkness

4. French Roast: Dark chocolate with patches of oil; very little acidity and noticeably bittersweet.
Use this chart to cross reference each of our roasts and determine which one is for you!