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Located in Little Falls, Minnesota, we pride ourselves on meeting our customers' needs in terms of flavor profile, quality, freshness, aroma, and customer service.

We roast coffee in small batches and have coffee beans available within minutes from our roaster in Little Falls, MN. This freshness is evident the moment you open one of our one-way valve, heat sealed bags.
"If you want to know about coffee, Mark is the guy to go to. He literally lives and breathes coffee every day..."

// Tom West, Morrison County Record

"As Reality Roasters coffee has dripped into cups all over town Norgren has pushed the threshold of quality..."

// Eric Faust,

We are opening another club opportunity. Reality Roasters Coffee Company, in its quest to deliver the best coffees of the world, is proud to announce Team Reality Coffee Club!
Use this chart to cross reference each of our roasts. Most all of our roasts are done in the City to French Roasts, with a number in the Full City class.

Use this great tool to determine which roast is for you!