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Coffee Club Annual Membership

Coffee Club Annual Membership
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The World's Most Exclusive Coffees

Be a Part of the Coffee Club
The Quest for the Best!

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! We are opening another club opportunity. Reality Roasters Coffee Company, in its quest to deliver the best coffees of the world, is proud to announce Team Reality for another twenty lucky customers!


This price includes twelve pounds of coffees and shipping. Coffee is shipped automatically once a month. You always have the opportunity to purchase additional coffee when available! This really is an exceptional value and is only available for a small percentage of our customers. Order today to ensure you too will receive the world's most exclusive coffees.

WHAT IS TEAM REALITY? Once a month, Reality Roasters will roast prestigious coffees from all over the world. These coffees are considered by many to be the best coffees available! These will include ACES and Cup of Excellence coffees from Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and fine auction lot coffees from Africa, Jamaica, or Kona. As a member, you will receive one pound of that months coffee selection. These coffees will NOT be offered to our other retail clients.

WHY ARE THESE COFFEES SO SPECIAL? The coffees typically come from very small farms, are hand picked, milled, and processed by the farmer on site, and then carefully packed and shipped to the States. All of these coffees have won awards or scored very highly for their flavor and quality cupping results. See below for further details on the Cup of Excellence process.

Example: Colombia Lot#: 3 Diogenes Muchicon Perdomo - San Antonio Jury Descriptions: sweet (24), bright lively acidity (24), citric and complex (21), creamy (19), smooth finish (18), cherry floral notes (16), chocolate caramel (11), red wine notes (10), round (6), lemon (6), buttery (5), blackberry (3), vanilla (2), sparkling finish.


These coffees are a tad bit more expensive. Some say, you get what you pay for! Know this; we will price the coffee as reasonable as possible. Every lot of coffee will be priced accordingly. One might expect costs to run from $18 to $30 per pound. Yes, that is expensive coffee, but it will be some of the best coffee in the world!


Call and reserve your spot today. It is that simple! Don't wait, join the team today!